Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, Yeshwanthpur (CARHY) announces Masters in Emergency Medicine (MEM) in association with Society of Emergency Medicine, India (SEMI)

Bangalore: According to a report by the Transport Ministry, every 3 minutes a death is reported due to a road accident. In such a scenario, it becomes extremely critical for a victim to get proper medical attention in the first 60 minutes of the incident. However, the report by the Indian Journal of Surgery suggests that 80 percent of Indians don’t get proper medical attention within that “golden hour”.

The best way to address this issue is to understand the importance of “Emergency Medicine” as a specialty that can provide immediate medical attention to patients with injuries or illness. The need for trained specialists manning the emergency room (ER) is quintessential in the outcome of patient in times of life and quality as they manage patients in golden hour and platinum minutes. Each and every minute changes the sequel of pathological process of disease. Every minute counts!

Keeping this in mind, Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, Yeshwanthpur has launched a three year Masters in Emergency Medicine (MEM) Program in association with Society of Emergency Medicine, India (SEMI). The program is aimed at training MBBS doctors to enhance their skills and understand the nuances of emergency medicine.

The faculty will consist of trained emergency physicians having vast experience and updated with newer techniques and follows evidence based medicine. The program will be conducted across all the three hospitals of Columbia Asia including Hebbal and Whitefield.

The program will help students with better understanding of basic sciences and management of various emergencies in an evidence based approach. Using regular teaching programme, workshops, journal clubs and on the floor teaching, the students will get a proper understanding of the whole structure. At the end of the program the students will be required to complete a full-fledged thesis.

“There is a huge gap in Demand and Supply chain. While there are many emergency cases dealt by the hospitals, there are only a handful of well-trained doctors to manage them and hence it makes it extremely critical for the hospitals to build a proper infrastructure to train these specialists for a better healthcare delivery, “says Dr. Naga Nischal & Dr Pavan Mangalore Specialists in Emergency Medicine at Columbia Asia Referral Hospital- Yeshwanthpur.

Emergency Medicine is an emerging newer specialty which concentrates and dedicates its structured and evidence based approach in management of medicine. It includes pre-hospital, in-hospital and inter-hospital transfer. The challenge remains in identifying the rapid changes and treat simultaneously to get the determined response. Management in an emergency department (ED) cannot be a single person. A specialist is as good as his team. Hence education and training is a part of building a strong team that functions synchronously at the order of specialist.

ED requires the specialist to quickly assess the patient’s needs and provide medication based on available resources. This is possible only when the specialist had proper exposure and training in the specialty .To add in to above statement in India the number of patients coming to ED with accidents, poisoning and other emergencies are more compared to the availability of trained ER specialist who can effectively deal with the problem. This explains the need for increased number of students in this specialty to address the need. Emergency Medicine is no more an area for people who missed their bus. It is for them who want to do a big difference in their patient’s lives and enjoys action all the time.

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