Columbia Diabetes Care


Columbia Diabetes is a comprehensive, in house diabetes management program. It aids patients with prevention and treatment options for diabetes. Also, other diabetes related issues like diabetic retinopathy, renal failure, etc. is assessed and treated or retarded through this program. 

Salient features of Columbia Diabetes Care include: 

  • For high risk patients: periodic screening  and tracking 
  • If diagnosed as a diabetic: trending of your diabetes over time  
  • Quarterly and annual diabetes checkup.
  • Multi-specialty consultations under one roof
  • Dietician helps to tailor a plan a diet according to your preferences
  • Podiatrist helps in foot care
  • Diabetes educator round the clock to help you with any problems you may have
  • Discounts in pharmacy and investigations
  • Reminders of appointments
  • Help with fixing an early appointment with consultants and for investigations
  • Education about the disease with access to information on latest advances in diabetes care
  • Invitations to talks on related topics by health experts from around the globe
  • Invitations to self-help group meetings


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