Good Samaritan Brigade

In an emergency, the person who saves a life is the Good Samaritan and YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A DOCTOR TO SAVE ONE. 

Caught amidst busy traffic, many of us do not make an attempt to help the road traffic accident victim, get them required medical attention, and try to save a life? Mostly, as passers-by, we will halt for a minute to glare at the situation before driving by to our destinations. 

It has been established that 50 % of fatalities from road traffic accidents can be avoided through intervention during the golden hour, as chances of survival are high with medical aid within this time. However, the fear of getting involved in a police investigation and being subjected to rigorous legal procedures often stops bystanders from helping road traffic accident victims. 

The Good Samaritan initiative by Columbia Asia envisages to create awareness and train people in Basic Life Support (BLS) so that they can help people in a medical emergency till professional medical help arrives.

BLS goes a long way in saving lives during emergency situations. The steps that we take while attending an emergency can have a deep-rooted impact in saving the life of a patient. Considering the road traffic accidents and other medical emergencies, ideally every citizen should be trained in BLS.


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