Natural childbirth is no more painful in the right hands

While doctors are encouraging expectant women to enjoy bringing their baby into the world, naturally and painlessly, the role of a hospital in creating this safe haven is significant.

Motherhood is inarguably the most beautiful phase in a woman's life. But, many expectant women fear the process of natural childbirth due to painful labour, opting for a Caesarian surgery instead.

“Unless there is a risk involving mother and baby, Caesarian section is not recommended,” says Dr Jyoti Shah, Chief of Medical Services, Columbia Asia Hospital, Pune. “The recovery period is longer, the surgical wounds can get infected and the mother could have health problems later in life. That is why we are encouraging mothers to opt for natural childbirth which can be almost painless in today's practice” she adds.


Epidural anesthesia allows mothers to have a painless delivery the natural way. It is the most popular method of pain relief during labor.

“At Columbia Asia Hospital, Pune we educate parents-to-be on care and comfort during pregnancy, the different types of Painless Delivery, how they are administered, and their benefits and risks, to help them in decision-making during the course of labor and delivery,” says Dr Shah.


Though the family unit is still held sacred, there is an increase in the number of nuclear families and those opting for late parenthood. With less support system from within the family, young expectant parents today are looking for vital medical care and comfort for mother and baby from their doctors and hospitals.

Choosing the right hospital to bring their precious baby into the world becomes even more significant for the new parents-to-be.

With late conception sometimes leading to risky pregnancies becoming quite common, the delicate health of both mother and baby takes prime focus. A hospital equipped with a neonatal and adult ICU unit close at hand to handle emergency births should be the primary choice.


Most neonatal and birthing units of multi-specialty hospitals are indeed equipped with the best of technology and medical services. But, the people who make use of this technology need to be competent enough to handle such extensive services and data keeping the patient's health at heart.

Clinical competence of the medical team will enable the detection of risks to the mother and baby, and provide appropriate advice and treatment. The team of gynecologist, obstetrician, radiologist, anesthetist, neonatologist and pediatrician work in unison to handle any emergency situations that could endanger the lives of both mother and baby during pregnancy and at childbirth.


Opt for a hospital which

  • has multispecialty services under one roof
  • has clearly defined protocols for clinical and non clinical care
  • maintains digital records of mother and baby, so that future follow up of the baby throughout childhood is available
  • practices evidence based medicine
  • where your health insurance is valid
  • has a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in case your newborn is sick
  • has a well-equipped adult ICU
  • offers postpartum breast feeding advice and support

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