Third Trimester of Pregnancy Tips for Baby Delivery Pregnancy Symptoms Prior to Childbirth

Hey there mom-to-be you’re finally in the third trimester of pregnancy! You are in the last few months of your pregnancy stages and delivery is right around the corner. Couples do go through a phase of doubt as to whether they would be able to take care of the newborn. We are here to help prepare you for the final stretch with reliable pregnancy tips to deal with third trimester symptoms. You have to be extremely cautious about your health during this time to avoid premature childbirth or other issues.

Pregnancy Tips for Healthy Third Trimester & Childbirth

As you enter the third trimester of pregnancy (week 28 to 40), your body is preparing for the baby delivery. You will start experiencing movement and kicks from the baby. As your uterus prepares for the delivery you will also experience contractions called Braxton Hicks contractions. Expect an increase in vaginal discharge and growth of breasts. You will also need to urinate frequently as the baby grows and causes irritation of the bladder. Pregnancy symptoms of this trimester also include breathlessness and fatigue as well.

So how should you deal with these symptoms in a healthy and effective manner? We have listed a few pregnancy tips that are necessary to prepare for childbirth.

Get Your Partner Involved: Dealing with pregnancy symptoms is not an easy process especially these last few weeks. With the baby delivery right around the corner, it is crucial you get your spouse involved in the process. List out third trimester of pregnancy tips to be followed, so that he can ensure you are staying healthy. When you feel the baby’s movement, make sure you have him feel it too. Getting your partner involved through the third trimester of pregnancy will make the journey leading up to childbirth much more intimate. It will also ease the stress on you to deal with it all by yourself.

Cramps in the legs, swollen feet, ankles and face, aches and pains all over the body is common as the baby grows.

Rest Up: This one is possibly one of the most important third trimester of pregnancy tips. Although you probably have a huge laundry list of things to get ready for your baby, you must rest! This is crucial for your health and the baby’s.  Sleep will be difficult and lying down may increase breathlessness. This is because the diaphragm is being pushed up by the growing baby. Try to sleep propped up

Preeclampsia: These last few months can come with a few risks, such as preeclampsia. This is caused by high blood pressure and can be extremely dangerous for you and your baby. It can cause seizures, and restrict blood and oxygen flow to your baby. It can also cause damage to your liver and brain. Consult a doctor immediately if you have any abnormal pregnancy symptoms, particularly dizziness, pain in the upper abdomen, swelling of the feet and ankles or visual disturbances

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