What is Gastric Bypass Surgery? How Does Gastric Banding Weight Loss Surgery Help?

If you require obesity treatment by weight loss surgery, then you will have numerous options for the types of procedure. One such procedure is the gastric bypass surgery or gastric banding surgery. It is a type of restrictive surgery where reduction of stomach size occurs. What is gastric bypass surgery? And what makes it different from other obesity treatment options?


Gastric Bypass Surgery

Size of the stomach is reduced and a part of small intestine is bypassed so that digestion process is altered and less food is consumed and absorbed.

Mini Gastric Bypass Procedure

The Mini-Gastric Bypass (MGB) is a type of obesity surgery which is simple, successful and an inexpensive technique in weight loss surgery. It is a hybrid procedure that has the advantages of a restrictive procedure (Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy) and also the advantages of a mal-absorptive procedure (Roux-en-y Gastric Bypass). It involves creating a long narrow tube of stomach along its right border and then joining it to a loop of small intestine about 180 cms from the starting point of the jejunum. The MGB is a viable and effective alternative to the Roux en-Y procedure due to the simple jejunal loop creation, thus reducing the morbidity and mal-absorption seen with a proper gastric bypass. MGB is fast becoming popular because of low risk of complications and good sustained weight loss. It has the effectiveness of sleeve and Roux-en-y gastric bypass without their complications or reflux problem.

In the MGB, restriction of stomach volume is achieved by surgically altering the stomach to make its size and capacity smaller as in sleeve gastrectomy. Mal-absorption is accomplished by looping and attaching the small intestine to the stomach tube bypassing about 150 to 180 cm of intestine as in Roux-en-Y gastric bypass.


  • Single stage permanent procedure
  • No resection or removal of parts stomach or intestine
  • No implants like a balloon or band
  • No reflux or acidity problem
  • Hunger is reduced 
  • Sustained long term weight loss
  • Easily reversible and revisable if necessary
  • No prolonged hospital stay
  • No major mal-absorption complications

Gastric Banding Results & Expectations

What are some things to expect post gastric banding? Results of weight loss surgery differ from one patient to another. It is possible that certain patients will experience a much better result of obesity treatment than others. Generally however, gastric banding causes a 40 to 50% weight loss result from original weight prior to the surgery. As always be sure to clarify all your concerns and questions with your doctor prior to undergoing weight loss procedure.

Safety of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Is gastric banding a safe procedure? Having someone poke holes in your tummy and place bands around your stomach can sound intimidating. However, gastric banding is known to be the most reliable and safe way for surgical obesity treatment. You can also opt to get the silicone band removed once you’ve reached your target weight and have learned to lead a healthier lifestyle. Once you choose to get the band removed, over a course of time your stomach will return to a normal size. 

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