Ahmedabad - Testimonials

Della Feeney - Canada - Spinal fusion and Decompression Surgery

"I really don't believe that i don't have the pain in my back anymore - Columbia Asia has changed my life" 

Della Feeney...

Greg Crutcher - Texas, USA - Anterior cervical corpectomy

I had a ruptured disc between C-6 and C-7. The doctors here in US said I had to have a C-6 Anterior Cervical Corpectomy and the cost would be...

Kevin Ombajo - Surgery for Recurrent Atypical Meningioma

"In just half an hour of discussion, the doctor answered all my questions which were unanswered while i was in Kenya and US - I am happy with the...

Virginia Vidart - Bariatric Surgery

"I would truely say that Columbia Asia Hospital is a very very nice hospital to come, even from the US"


Everlyne Cherut Sobet - Laminectomy and Interbody Fusion surgery

"I was so happy that I could stand on my own now"

Everlyne Cherut Sobet

Underwent Laminectomy and...



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