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Onkita Adhikary - Orthopedics

Onkita Adhikary - Orthopedics

Ashwini Lakshmi - Neurosurgery

Ashwini Lakshmi - Neurosurgery

Thanks to Dr. Raghuram and Dr Guruprasad who via a DBS surgery who helped me getting back to my old self.

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a surgical procedure used to treat a variety of disabling neurological symptoms—most commonly the debilitating...

Great Support throughout our Pregnancy

We would like to take this opportunity to thank and express our sincere appreciation towards the entire team of Columbia Asia Yeshwanthpur, for...

Hariprasad fights out Parkinson’s disease - Columbia Asia Hospitals

A disorder of the central nervous system that affects movement. This includes tremors and usually slows down the patient. But for Hari Prasad, he...



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