Comprehensive Health Check for Women Above 60 years - Health Check Packages

Location: Kolkata Age Group: Above 60 years Gender: Female
Cost : Rs. 7650 + Rs. 300 (Registration)
CBC with ESRBlood Grouping - ABO & Rh 
Blood Glucose RandomBlood Glucose Fasting & PP
Total CholesterolLipid Profile
Liver Function TestSerum Creatinine
T3, T4, TSHUltrasound Abdomen & Pelvis
Urine RoutineX Ray Chest
ECGStress Test/Echocardiography
Pulmonary Function Test (Spirometry)Uroflowmetry
PAP SmearConsultation with Doctor
Consultation with GynecologistConsultation with Ophthalmologist
Consultation with UrologistDiet Consultation 
BreakfastMammography Bilateral (Optional)
Terms and Conditions
Note that a minimum of 12 hours fasting is essential prior to the checkup. A little quantity of water can be consumed.
Bring all your earlier medical records (last 3 years) and medical accessories like glasses, hearing aid (if any) when you come for the Health check
While undergoing pre-health check evaluation, please inform the Medical officer in case you are pregnant or have any other pre-existing medical conditions. Some of the tests that form a part of the health check package may not be suitable for you. For example, pregnant women should not undergo an X-ray examination
For TMT, please avoid wearing jewelery. You would need to walk barefoot on the tread mill and for your comfort we suggest that you avoid tight fitting clothes
If you have difficulty walking on Treadmill you will be offered Echo Cardiography in lieu of Treadmill Test 
If you are Diabetic, on medication, please take the scheduled medication on the day of the check up after giving fasting sample.
PAP SMEAR is usually not advised during menstruation.
If you are a Hypertensive and taking medication, please take the scheduled medication on the day of the check up after giving fasting sample.
* with one consultant if necessary
Additional Discounts at Senior Citizen program
Senior Citizen enrollment fee at Rs 100/-
One free Consultation with Specialist within 6 months
Package cost is applicable only to residents of India. People residing outside of India may request us for a quote


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