Deluxe Senior Citizen Screening Package - Female - Health Check Packages

Location: Pune Age Group: Above 60 years Gender: Female
Cost : Rs 9300
Complete Blood CountBlood Sugar Fasting
HBA1CUrine Routine
Blood UreaSerum Creatinine
Uric AcidLipid Profile
USG Whole Abdomen& PelvisMammography
Liver Function TestSerum Calcium
Thyroid Function TestECG
X-ray ChestPulmonary Function Test
2D-EchoDental Screening
Eye CheckupOrthopedic Consultation
Dietician ConsultationPhysician Consultation & Physical Examination
AudiometryGyneacologist Consultation
Enrollment For Senior Citizen Plus
Terms and Conditions
Abstain for consuming alcohol at least 12 hours prior to the health check.
You will require to be fasting for 10- 12 hours. Water can be consumed but not hot or cold beverages.
Kindly carry your medical records that are 1-3 years old and medical accessories like spectacles, hearing aids if you have any when you come for health check.
Please do not apply cream, oil or powder on your chest when you come for the health check.
Wear loose fitting clothes and avoid wearing jewellery like necklace, chain etc.
Plan to arrive at the hospital at 8.00 am on the day of the health check.
*Consultation with prior appointment only.


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