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Dr. Debasish Datta Majumder


Consultant - ENT

Dr Debasish’s experience has been built up in treating patients across India, in Kuwait and in the UK. He has a particular interest in Pediatric ENT disorders, besides an interest in micro surgery of the ear.

Besides his proficiency in the ENT field, Dr Debasish also has good teaching skills and is an effective Team worker with Leadership skills.


  • Pediatric ENT disorders including Adenotonsillectomy, Grommet insertion, Congenital anomalies like Preauricular sinuses and Branchial sinuses.
  • Microsurgery of ear including  Mastoidectomy, Tympanoplasty, Stapedectomy etc…
  • Endoscopic Sinus Surgery for Chronic sinusitis, Nasal Polyps, CSF (brain fluid) Leak and Dacryocystorhinostomy (for Persistent watering of eyes)
  • Head and Neck Surgery 
  • Vocal cord and Voice surgery.


Total Experience: 20 years

  • Fortis-ALHILAL  Clinic, Kuwait
  • Southmead Hospital, Bristol, UK
  • Sri Narayani  Hospital and Research Centre ,Vellore
  • Peerless Hospital and B.K.Roy Research Centre, Calcutta
  • Ram Krishna Mission Seva Pratisthan and Vivekananda Institute of Medical Sciences, Calcutta


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