Cafe Chef

Posted on 2017-03-23 18:44

Opening: Columbia Asia Hospital - Sarjapur Road
Job Description:
PROCESSS RESPONSIBILITIES 1.Responsible for menu planning. 2.Responsible for all food production in the area assigned to him. 3.Responsible for over food cost control without affecting standards and procedures as laid out by the management. 4.To account for the usage, consumption, spoilage and control of food stuff produced and stored under his supervision. 5.Responsible for maintaining all attendance record. 6.To personally supervise the maintenance of proper cooking, thawing and storage temperatures for all raw and cooked food. 7.To ensure that the main kitchen is clean at all times. 8.To keep wastage of food to the minimum at all stages of food production.
Experience: 5-8 years

Education: Hotel Management graduate or Bachelor’s degree in any field / It can be avoided if the number of years of work experience is high.


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