Finance Assts/Supervisor

Posted on 2013-05-13 15:11

Opening: Columbia Asia Hospital - Whitefield
Job Description:
Main Job Tasks: 1. Ensure all items mentioned on the charge sheet are charged to the patient. 2. Ensure all items are billed from the correct departments 3. Any discrepancies are brought to the immediate attention of the Finance Executive 4. Coordinate with consultants to charge the correct consultant fee to the patient. 5. Ensure receipts are made for all payments received. 6. Keep the patient updated on the status of their cashless facility. 7. Ensure timely reply to all queries from the TPAs in co-ordination with our consultants. 8. Ensure collection of non-medical expenses or any such expenses which are not covered by the corporate or TPA before patient leaves premises.
Experience: 2-8 years

B. Com/M. Com, min. 2 years experience for Finance Asst & 
5 years experience for Supervisor in the Service/Manufacturing Industry.


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