Lab Technician

Posted on 2017-05-12 11:31

Opening: Columbia Asia Hospital - Sarjapur Road
Job Description:
1. Receives or obtains specimens for Laboratory analysis and does order entry if lab assistants are not present. 2. Labels bottles, containers, tubes, sample cups. 3. Performs various bio-chemical, microscopic and bacteriologic tests to obtain data for use in diagnosis and treatment of disease. 4. Maintains departmental equipment and carry out the daily routine maintenance required as per the guidelines of each equipment. 5. Records lab tests results and may assist in research and technical activities. 6. Transcribing materials, filing and maintaining all pathology and clinical laboratory files. 7. Prepares written documentation and file as required by the profession. 8. Keys in lab tests, results and charge code for order entry when need arises. 9. Prints all laboratory reports when required. 10. Prepare requisition forms and record of specimen to be sent to reference laboratory. 11. Prints / prepares daily reports on work load details. 12. Coordinates with mother Blood Bank for blood and blood components supply. 13. Prepares and sends samples to reference laboratory for tests that are not performed in Columbia Asia.
Experience: 1-3 years




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