Medical Officers-Patiala

Posted on 2016-07-22 12:27

Opening: Columbia Asia Hospital - Patiala
Job Description:
1. Under the direct supervision of the speciality consultant and Specialty Primary Consultant the Medical Officers are responsible for care of the Out- patient and emergencies till the case is shifted to the care of a Consultant. 2. Carry out procedures within capabilities under supervision including emergency duties. 3. Responsibility for administrative duties (e.g. review of results of investigations, patient records) which arise as a consequence of these clinical duties. 4. Arrange for appropriate investigations to be carried out and formulate of a working differential diagnosis 5. Counsel patients and relatives under supervision 6. Must work in shifts 7. Assist in covering for unexpected absence 8. Understand responsibility pertaining to hospital codes. 9. Must be familiar with JCI and NABH standards, protocols and documentation process.
Experience: 6 years



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