Medical Records Department Assistant/Supervisor

Posted on 2013-05-13 15:06

Opening: Columbia Asia Hospital - Whitefield
Job Description:
Main Job Tasks: • To establish, organize and manage the Medical Records Department with appropriate systems to provide an effective service in the hospital. • To develop policies and procedures relating to the Medical Records Department in accordance with the Health Directorate / Ministry of Health. • To assist the Medical Records committee in design and development of different forms required for hospital use. • To review the Medical Records of admission patients and emergency patients to ensure that they include all important document and pertaining information. • To participate and assist the quality assurance , utilization review, infection control, and other committees and programs. • To prepare and maintain medical reports, medical certificate and birth and death registers to notify concerned authorities in duly completing the required procedures • To prepare monthly statistics reports concerning the hospital activities carried out and to submit to concerned authorities any suggestion for improvement • To observe professional ethics and to protect the confidentiality of information from unauthorized persons; to keep medico legal record under safe custody and to attend court proceedings whenever required. • To participate and assist in research programs to develop new methods and procedures for improving administrative activity. • To maintain and protect medical records in accordance with the policies relating to preservation and destruction. • To cooperate with the medical (consultants) patients, health agencies, other hospitals and legal authorities for smooth and efficient function of the hospital in general and medical records department in particular. • To carry out any other duties and functions related to medical records services as instructed by the immediate chief. • To collect medical, administrative, and other statistics required by the hospital and to provide health information for planning and evaluation of health care. • To code and index disease, surgical operations and therapeutic procedures accordance to criteria set force by the health directorate/Ministry of health.
Experience: 2-8 years

DMRT, min 2 years experience for MRD Asst & 5 years experience for Supervisor in hospitals


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