Radiology Manager/ Assistant Manager

Posted on 2017-06-08 11:54

Opening: Columbia Asia Hospital - Sarjapur Road
Job Description:

Key areas of responsibility: Ensure comprehensive patient care and maintenance of quality standards in Radiology. Main Job Tasks:



  1. To ensure expenses of the radiology department are within the budget.
  2. Reviews supplies inventory to maintain optimal stock without excessive inventory.Ensures that wastage is minimized.
  3. To maintain and report the department statistic on a daily/monthly basis. 


  1. Ensures that comprehensive care is given to each patient and evaluates the services rendered.
  2. Schedules radiographers appropriately to ensure adequate staffing for each shift. Ensures that patient reports are available in a timely manner. 


  1. Quality standards Ensures adherence to departmental policies and procedures, quality assurance programs, safety standards and infection control protocols.
  2. Responsible for ensuring high quality diagnostic images. Ensures compliance with NABH Standards Identifies appropriate internal controls for department; provides mechanisms to monitor and enforce compliance.
  3. To ensure the radiation safety norms are followed. Ensures proper care and maintenance of department equipment and supplies.
  4. Ensures that the department is in compliance with all statutory requirements. Is responsible for maintenance of department records to assist the radiologist in performing radiology procedures when the need arises.


  1. Takes responsibility for radiology staff who report to the position.
  2. Provides on job orientation to radiographers and keeps them informed of the philosophies, policies, and procedures to be followed in caring for patients and their families. Facilitate in-service and/or continuing education for the radiographers. Evaluates the work performance of the staff. Sanctions and recommends leave and vacation schedules for the staff.
  3. Counsels staff on personal and work problems. Plans staff work assignments and schedules. Responsible for timely setting of KRA and review as per the PMS guidelines Ensure your team participate in REDS activities Provides Basic department orientation to new employees Other individual assignments: As agreed upon with the Operations Manager for Radiology.
Experience: 8-11 years

Diploma or Graduate in Medical Radio Diagnosis Technology


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