Staff Nurse

Posted on 2017-03-23 19:00

Opening: Columbia Asia Hospital - Sarjapur Road
Job Description:
PROVIDES COMPREHENSIVE CARE TO ASSIGNED PATIENTS. 1. Takes the nursing history, summarizes data, and states nursing diagnoses/ patient care needs. 2. Observes and records signs, symptoms, and behaviours, including the physiological status of patients; reports assessment changes, to the concerned authority. 3. Follows policy and delivers designated nursing interventions to assigned patients that are consistent with the stated medical plan of care. 4. Performs admission, discharge and transfer procedures, and assists others with patient's activities and care. 5. Executes physician's orders for all assigned patients; safely and properly administers medications and treatments. 6. To be responsible for collection of specimens when ordered, ensuring correct labelling. 7. To be responsible for preparing assigned patients for programmed medical procedures. 8. To participate in specialist’s rounds and assist by giving relevant information as regards to nursing observations made on the residents. 9. To supervise the cleanliness of assigned area or the ward. 10. Carry out routine check at each handover that all equipment’s are in working order. 11. To ensure that all items used for residents inclusive of medications, surgical supplies are duly recorded and charged. 12. To carry out inventory on surgical items and equipment for each week. 13. Maintain residents’ safety by taking preventive measures against accidents. 14. Accurately records and reports incidents.
Experience: 1-3 years


State Registered Nurse Midwife with graduation (GNM/BSC) from an approved nursing college

Professional experience:

 1 - 3 years



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