Stores Assistant / Supervisor

Posted on 2013-05-13 16:09

Opening: Columbia Asia Hospital - Whitefield
Job Description:
Main Function: 1. The Stores In-charge is responsible for maintaining required amount of Stock towards Medical, Non-Medical Equipment, Instruments, consumable items, surgical items, electrical items, Hospital linens, consignment articles and staff uniforms. 2. The Stores will follow the FIFO (First in First Out) method for Transfers/Issues, except for emergency Items. 3. The Stores In-charge is responsible towards purchases (Excluding Pharmacy) and inventory control of all materials. 4. The Stores In-charge is responsible to Check the comparative statements / purchase order and forward it to the concerned authorities for Signature / Approval. 5 The Stores In-charge prepares a comparative statement of consumables printing, stationary items, instruments, equipments, electrical and surgical items. 6 The Stores In-charge would check the ROL, GRN and Material / Printing and Stationary issue vouchers for correctness. 7 The Stores In-charge ensures proper maintenance of stock both physical and as per system. 8 The Stores In-charge ensures evaluation and verification of stock and maintains separate stock for short expiry and expired items. 9. The Stores In-charge is accountable for approval / sample / rejected materials. 10. The Stores In-charge is accountable for the consignment items and their entry into the system.
Experience: 2-8 years

Any Graduate, minimum 2 years experience for Assistant and 7 years experience for Supervisor.


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