Orthopedics and Joint Replacements

Affordable Joint Replacement Packages

Procedure No. of days stay Package in USD
Total Knee Replacement - Unilateral* 1 6 5,800
Total Knee Replacement- Bilateral (single setting)* 1 8 11,500
Total Hip Replacement - Unilateral* 1 6 5,800
Total Hip Replacement - Bilateral (sequential)* 1 8 12,500
Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction** 0 3 3,750
*Cost of implant (J&J/Zimmer) **For 1 ACL surgery with implant   
Inclusions Exclusions
Ward & ICU stay as indicated Hospital (Ward and ICU) stay after the  said period.
Nursing & diet charges Visit charges after the said period
Surgeon's fee, Asst. Surgeon's fee & Anesthetist's fee Cross consultations, if any
Visit charges CT, MRI scans & equipment charges
OT charges High value drugs
OT consumables High risk charges & emergency charges
Medicines Implants
Routine standard investigations  

Salient Features of our Orthopedic Surgery Department

  • More than 10,000 successful surgeries till date
  • Latest techniques: minimally invasive surgery, un-cemented hip replacement and arthroplasties
  • Expertise in knee, hip and shoulder replacements
  • Expertise in arthroscopy (key hole surgery) of knee and shoulder
  • Complex arthroscopic surgical procedures like multi-ligament reconstruction of knee and arthroscopic shoulder surgery
  • Pediatric orthopedics: congenital and developmental deformities, juvenile arthritis and metabolic disorders
  • Management of sports injury
  • Excellent post- operative physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Key Treatment Areas

  • Joint replacements (knee, hip and  shoulder)
  • Arthroscopy  or ‘key-hole’ surgery
  • Revision and re-do surgeries
  • Revision Arthroplasty 
  • Sports injury treatment
  • ACL reconstruction
  • Meniscus tear repair 

Our Hospitals Offering Joint Replacement Surgery in India

  • Columbia Asia Hospital - Palam Vihar, Gurgaon
  • Columbia Asia Referral Hospital - Bangalore
  • Columbia Asia Hospital - Bangalore
  • Columbia Asia Hospital - Mysore
  • Columbia Asia Hospital - Kolkata
  • Columbia Asia Hospital - Patiala
  • Columbia Asia Hospital – Ghaziabad
  • Columbia Asia Hospital – Pune

Please Note: The above mentioned charges are just an estimate. Do not consider these as final packages; the actual bill may vary depending on the clinical condition, associated medical problems of the patient & post surgical complication.

Note: If any complication occurs and patient is moved to an ICU, charges will vary depending on the medical condition.


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