I was delighted to hear about the Columbia Venus program

As a first time mother, the first checkpoint is a good obstetrician and a specialty hospital. And in my case since I was starting my consultations in India only for my last trimester my search was even more elaborate and comprehensive. My search successfully ended with Columbia Asia and Dr. Jyothi shenoy. Next began my search for the right support system in terms of an antenatal class and was delighted to hear about the Columbia Venus program. One look at the modules and I was convinced that this is what I was looking for. The course was very exhaustive and took into account the anxieties and queries that am sure each new mom would likely have and brought in the right experts from the hospital to address the sessions. The educational sessions were followed by exercises that helped safely strengthen and increase flexibility and also provide the much needed relaxation during the last lap of pregnancy. Full credit to the team led by Shivani who coordinated the sessions and managed the entire program professionally. Her cheerful demeanor and positive attitude made the sessions fun and informative. We; new moms have grown together as one big happy family who continue to stay in touch sharing tips and tricks for the little ones. Thanks to the entire team of the ante natal classes and wishing the team all success and helping the transition of many more happy confident new moms.

Preethi b Bashyam


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