It's the culture that makes a difference

Couple of weeks back, I visited Columbia Asia Hospital in Bangalore (Hebbal & Yeshwantpur ) for a check-up on something, which i have been suffering for past 3-months; back pain & increased symptoms. I visited and as i quote was lucky to meet Dr Sharath – Consultant, Rheumatology. Web searches had made me nervous as i entered his room & since then, I have had 4-5 visits owing to test, studies etc. I was sincerely amazed by the way

  1. He greeted me with a smile & thus quoted a sense of encouragement to his patient
  2. He has been extremely professional and further detailed the pros of cons (if at all it’s a worst case scenario).
  3. He further was unselfish to share his personal id/number where though i agree to be not one as a constant buzz, but he has always responded to text/mails further helping me gain knowledge & required next steps.

Final visit was the fifth meet where he claimed that the scene was non-chronic  and again reiterated a brief on every pros & cons if a worst case scenario was experienced. I was of course thankful to heaven but at the same time, I was sheer impressed by what i call ‘a true doctorship’ who understands & takes time to understand the patient.

Further I had also visited Dr Anuradha – Consultant, Neurologist and again the appearances & approaches just mirrored to the above said, leaving me with one thought. It’s the culture that makes the difference for a doctor hence a hospital and hence a patient to gain an utmost experience.

I would like to thank and congratulate Columbia Asia for having a strong sense of culture as a core value and every patient to be treated with care; as care by itself is a sense of medicine hence cure. Dr Sharath and Dr Anuradha , in case you find to eye this.

Thanks a zillion

Priyankur Nandy
Accenture - Bangalore
Mob: 9886 33 83 47


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