Now i feel like a whole new person

Obesity is one of the biggest curse of life. And I was under the spell of this curse for over 15 years. I tried anything and everything told to me to lose weight but all in vain. Every attempt made in that direction resulted in additional weight gain.

Last couple of years were a nightmare in my life as I suffered pulmonary embolism, a fatal condition and every doctor I visited advised bariatric surgery as the last resort. People who know me well would be able to tell how horrified I am to take a single injection. So a surgery was out of question for me. I wouldn’t come to think of it. I did go to a number of surgeons and visited many hospitals in Mumbai and Pune to know more about bariatric, but came home more terrified every time, as I did not get convinced I wasted 2 more years of my life.

However at Columbia Asia Hospital things changed for me. Being there in the pleasant environment made me feel at home.

We did not have to wait in long queues to meet the doctors of the bariatric team at the hospital. As I approached the reception I was met by the entire bariatric team comprising of physician, surgeon, dietician, physiotherapist and the administrative head of the hospital.

The entire procedure was explained to me with a new perspective. And every tiny detail from pre-ops to one month post-surgery was covered. For the first time I started considering this option of bariatric and the meeting with Dr. Shashank Shah proved to be the deciding factor and I was sure that Allah had sent me to the right place to change my life.

Life and death is destiny to me. But at Columbia Asia Hospital Pune they convinced me that like every other person I too had the right to live life to the optimum as long as I lived.

I got admitted on 31st October still with a little fear about what would happen. But at the hospital I was taken care of in such detail. Personalized attention was given like I was the only patient in the hospital. And all the patience, hard work and expertise paid off. I was operated on November 1st. god has given Dr. Shashank Shah magical hands and a golden temperament.

Even after surgery all the doctors are available round the clock to guide you through the post-ops. Every question is answered anytime.

In post-operative care i was given complete dietary help, weekly diet plans were emailed and explained in detail. A chart of my weight loss and measurements was maintained.

Tailor made exercise plans were devised by the physiotherapist weekly.

With the surgery and excellent care I feel like a whole new person. I am thankful to all the doctors namely Dr. Jyoti, Dr. Juticka, Dr. Pratibha, dieticians Ekta & Esther, physiotherapist Tamil & Andre and above all to DR. Shashank Shah.

Ms. Shabana Sahib
Age: 46 years
Underwent bariatric surgery at Columbia Asia Hospital - Pune



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