Read to find out what our satisfied clients have to say about our teleradiology service.

Christian Institute of Health Sciences & Research - Nagaland

This is to certify that Columbiaasia has been providing tele-radiology consultation service for us for over a year.

The quality of the service is of a very high standard and also extremely prompt. They provide  24 hour service and when there is a need they will immediately respond and even guide us regarding the positioning of the patient while taking the CT 

Further even if we have not asked, if they see an abnormal finding which needs to be attended to immediately or if the patient care has to be different, Dr Shalini will take the effort to send a message immediately so that the appropriate management is provided .

We had not anticipated this level of service from them. It reflects their concern for the patient which is not seen today in a health care institution especially from a for profit organization.

We are very grateful for this service from the radiology department of Columbiaasia which is provided not only to CIHSR but to several charitable institutions. To receive this quality of serice in a remote and distant place such as Nagaland is a boon for the people of Nagaland .

Dr Abraham Joseph 
CIHSR, Dimapur, Nagaland 

CSI Hospital - Bangalore

It gives me immense pleasure to write these few words on our recent very successful experiment of out sourcing of radiology services to COLUMBIA ASIA HOSPITAL YESHVANTAPUR

CSI HOSPITAL BANGALORE is a small acute care facility and struggled for many years to attract a full time radiologist, especially to cover the nightshifts. We had to make do with three part time radiologists daily at different levels of experience and competence to do our routine ultrasounds.  They also had commitments to other hospitals as a result the examinations were often rushed and it was a problem to schedule patient appointments.

Routine X-rays were for the most part, not reported and it was left to the physicians to interpret the films.

We do not have an in-house CT or MRI scanner as a result the patients were referred to different stand-alone centers depending on the preference of the physician. It was inconvenient and expensive for our patients.

All this changed in April 2012 with our tie up with Columbia Asia. We now have a senior radiologist on site, so assured of 24/7 coverage. Most importantly, our doctors are able to interact with the radiologist and this helps in management.

Since we are fortunate to have state of the art digital imaging equipment,

every image done at CSIH is electronically transmitted to CAHY and is given a second read by senior radiologists  CT and MRI scans are done at CAHY with high end equipment and at costs that are affordable.

The reporting is standardized as per international guidelines and instills confidence in our physicians. We are extremely happy with the Radiological services of CAHY.

I can honestly say that this tie up has been a good thing for the patients of CSIH

Dr. Santosh Benjamin
Medical Superintendent
CSI Hospital - Bangalore

CSI Holdsowrth (Mission) Hospital - Mysore

This is to certify that CSI Holdsowrth (Mission) Hospital, Mysore is a 300 bed and 107 years old charitable hospital has an MOU with Columbia Asia Hositals for the provision of teleradiology services especially CT since March 2011.  The management of Mission Hospital is happy with the service in terms of promptness of reporting and quality of reports. We recommend the teleradiology services of Columbia Asia to any interested parties.

Dr. S.C. Karat
CSI Holdsowrth (Mission) Hospital - Mysore


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